Flippin’ Fantastic is a fail

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Flippin' Fantastic is supposed to be the answer to all your pancake problems. For $15, it makes perfectly round and perfectly cooked pancakes—every time.

Rusty Hutt says Saturday mornings in her home usually include an entire batch of pancakes.

“So to make seven at a time would actually be helpful, and they’re really cute, you could eat a whole stack and not feel guilty because they’re small and cute," Hutt said.

We place Flippin' Fantastic into the skillet, and get to making pancakes!

The first thing we noticed is that when you pour the batter in, it leaks out of the sides. So, already, it's not perfect.

But we waited for the batter to bubble (per the instructions), and tried to flip it anyway.


“But you know what? Because we are true scientists, we need to try it again to make sure that wasn’t human error,” Hutt said.

For trial number two we used a skillet with a flatter bottom and less batter to give it a chance to cook through.

Trial number two was not successful.

Deal or Dud verdict: Dud


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