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Buckle up and get ready for a wild ride at Stevenson off-road park

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STEVENSON, Ala. - There's nothing more relaxing than walking through the woods to enjoy the quiet and soak in all nature has to offer. But in a couple of weekends, you may need some ear plugs on one Jackson county property. It is 605 acres breathtaking acres in Stevenson, Alabama. The peaceful sound of nature surrounds you.

That’ll change the last weekend of April. “We’'ll go flipping down some hills together,” Jake Burkey said with a laugh. Busted Knuckle Off-Road Park is the sight of a Southern Rock Racing series event April 28-30th. Matt Myrick, owner of Busted Knuckle films said, “Some of the best rock bouncers in the country are going to be out here and they will be putting on a show.”

Jake Burkey oversees Busted Knuckle Off-Road. He’s in charge of parts and merchandise. “The thing that you want whenever you`re coming to an off road park is a good mix between flat trails and big hill climbs and this park's got it,” Jake told us.

Carter Astin’s family owns the property. “We’ve been up here the last couple months, hard at it making new roads, cutting trails,” he said. Pointing to a rocky hillside behind him, Matt said, We’ve gone up to places like this and said you know, I think it could be cool if we could drive up through there so we just get the chainsaw out.” Carter fired up the chainsaw and went to work. Matt adding, “We start cutting trees out of the way and find our way to the top.”

It’s big horsepower machines against rocks, dirt and anything else that gets in the way. “We’ve got some pretty wicked rigs and we like to beat on 'em a little bit. So we've got some pretty extreme trails,” Carter said.

Carter and Matt met at Auburn. Both gave up engineering jobs to put the pedal to the metal and create business to share their love of extreme road motor sports. Jake Burkey joined the team too saying with a smile, “I’m the parts guy.” He gave up a career as a nuclear field engineer to live his dream.

The park will feature trails with easy access for families to do a little off road driving. “We want anyone that comes with a four wheel drive to be able to get pretty much anywhere on the property,” Carter said. “They're good and wide, relatively flat.”

The guys have thought of everything. They have mapped all 605 acres in the park. And there’s an app you can download on your phone so it doesn't matter whether you go mild or wild, you won’t get lost.

They’re all excited about the upcoming event but Jake summed it up by describing it as “High horsepower, rigs jumping up in the air, rolling over, action packed.” Matt agreed saying “It’s an adventure every weekend. I love it!”

Admission for the weekend is $25 dollars for adults or you can buy a weekend pass for $40. Kids 12 and under get in free. For directions to the park and some incredible videos that the guys have shot for their website, click on the link for Busted Knuckle Films, buckle up and get ready for a wild ride.