Will the Syria Air Strike Affect Gas Prices in The United States?

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – Madison County Resident Olivia Smoot isn't holding back. She said she's seen a drastic change in gas prices recently. "Honestly it went from like $1.99 and now it's $2.19, so yeah it struck up real quick," Smoot said.

Some are not worried about the prices just yet. "It doesn't bother me near as bad as it did when it was hitting $3.97 in places," DeKalb County Resident Dennis Dobbs said.

A lot of people want to know how the missile strike against Syria will impact the United States at the gas pumps. "There's certainly the possibility that could have an impact on our gas prices, but I honestly don`t think we will see too much of an impact if any in the immediate future," Alabama AAA Spokesperson Clay Ingram said.

Ingram said times have changed and the United States doesn't depend as much on foreign oil anymore.

"We're producing more oil here domestically in the U.S. then we have ever before, honestly in fact we've been producing so much domestically. We've been exporting that oil to other countries.'

Ingram said due to the change he believes the United States will not see much of an impact, because of the conflict in Syria. "There's so many oil producing countries that I don't think anybody really is totally depended on their supply. So if that supply was to go away it might effect prices a little bit, but not availability," Ingram said.