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Mentone Arts and Cultural Center enters USA Today’s “A Community Thrives” competition

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MENTONE, Ala. - "Once I found out that it was a nonprofit organization for something that I was deeply enveloped in myself, I wanted to do
as much as I could to help."

When they heard about the competition, Mentone's Art and Cultural Center knew Taylor was the right person to help.

"They came to me with their ideas and what they wanted to pursue as a topic to fund raise for this video and I just kind of developed the concept and went with however my brain decided to take me," said Taylor Theakston of Fort Payne High School.

This center has been a dream for more than 30 years. Mentone is known for it's rich history of art and it's important to have a central home for its creatives.

"Everybody needs a place to go to let loose and do their thing and express themselves in the way that makes them the happiest," said Theakston.

It'll also bring even more tourists to the area.

"Our phrase is be a part of something amazing and we got wonderfully talented people here," said Randy Grider, Executive Director of Mentone Arts and Cultural Center.

"And we want to give them a facility that they'll be able to use and be proud of and we can showcase these artisans."

When Taylor was asked how it feels to be a part of something amazing, she said "I've just been involved from the start and I'm very excited to see what happens."

Voting for the competition will begin next week. You can keep up with Mentone Arts and Cultural Center right here for the link to vote.