Inmates inside the Madison County Jail post video to YouTube

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – A homemade music video may land some people in more trouble. A video posted on YouTube was shot inside the Madison County Jail. The video gives you a look at what the jail looks like from inside.

In the YouTube video titled #2017 Dear Mama (Wipe Your Eyes) several inmates participated in the video, while one person recorded it. The video appears to be harmless, but it was made inside the jail.

"We had intel there was a cell phone within the jail facility, which is a violation as contraband within the walls of the Madison County Sheriff's Department Detention Facility," Jail Administrator Major Troy Fulk said.

He said they reacted right away when they found out. "We locked the facility down and did a search. During the search, the officers did find a cell phone that was in a particular pod in the jail," Fulk said.

Fulk said the case is ongoing and they're not sure how the cell phone ended up in the jail. "The jail itself is a small city. So, you can imagine the kind of products that come into the jail."

He said it could have been brought in through product delivery or by an inmate. Fulk said sometimes inmates beat they system. "Contraband can be held in the rectum by an inmate and our officers are trained to find it."

Fulk said it's rare they experience problems like this one. He said the people in the video could be facing charges for the cell phone being inside the jail. They are still investigating.

Fulk said they have been in contact with YouTube and are working with them to try to get the video removed from the site.