Huntsville Islamic Center to host “Meet your Muslim Neighbor” on Saturday

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. - Those with the Huntsville Islamic Center want to invite everyone to learn a little more about their community this weekend. Director of Outreach Aladin Beshir wants to share his Muslim faith with everyone.

"We're opening our heart, we're opening our arms, we're opening our house for you all to come in," Beshir said.

The Huntsville Islamic Center is hosting "Meet your Muslim Neighbor" this Saturday, April 8 at the center.

"This is in response to the interest of people who have never been to a prayer hall, never been to a house of worship, of Muslim worship, never seen a prayer hall, never understood about Islam," Beshir said.

There isn't a dress code and it's not necessary for women to wear a hair covering. Those with the Islamic center just ask that you remove your shoes upon entering the prayer hall.

"We would just like to ask everybody, whether you're afraid or not, you come home, you're safe, and among friends," Beshir said.

Inside the center, you'll find more information about Muslim leadership, the sanctity of human life, women in Islam and Muslims' belief in Jesus.

"Ask the difficult questions, the easy questions, get to look at us in the eyes one on one," Beshir said.

"Meet your Muslim Neighbor" is an opportunity to replace unknown with understood.

"I firmly believe that it is very hard to hate, or fear, from close up," Beshir said.

"Meet your Muslim Neighbor" takes place on Saturday from 2:00 p.m. until 6:00 p.m. It's happening at the Huntsville Islamic Center located 1645 Sparkman Drive. Everyone is welcome. Snacks, pizza, dessert and drinks will be offered.