House Judiciary Committee releases investigative report on Gov. Bentley

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Governor Robert Bentley (Photo: Governor's Office/Jamie Martin)


We’ve been on top of breaking news all day involving Governor Robert Bentley and his adamant stance that he is not resigning.

Even as lawmakers move forward with impeachment hearings against him after a commission found that he violated state ethics and campaign finance laws.

The impeachment effort, which began a year ago will come to a head on Monday when hearings begin.

It aims to resolve accusations connected with a sex scandal involving Bentley’s former adviser, Rebekah Mason.

And while the governor apologizes for letting his family and the people of Alabama down, he says he is staying put.

A flurry of new developments in the saga of Governor Robert Bentley.

Just moments ago, the House Judiciary Committee released all 131 pages of the Special Counsel’s investigative report on Governor Robert Bentley.

We haven’t had time to go over all the details and the release comes despite the Bentley administration’s best efforts.

They had taken the committee to court to block that report, along with the impeachment proceedings scheduled for next week.


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