Fort Payne AED device story sparks the purchase of other devices

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FORT PAYNE, Ala. - Recently Wills Valley had an incident where an older man had a heart attack while running on the track. Skylar Jackson, supervisor at the time, took immediate action.

"Call 911, get the AED, started CPR and you know just kind of hooked him up to the AED. It evaluated him and administers about 3 shocks," said Skylar Jackson of the Wills Valley Recreational Center.

Before help could even arrive.

"So with it being portable the AEDs are around a lot sooner than the paramedics or the fire department," said Jackson

So how does an AED or Automated External Defibrillator work?

"So when your heart is not beating the right way, kind of in an arrhythmia, either too fast or too slow. When its got that shockable pattern, the AED will shock you and get it back beating."

Which is why portable defibrillator devices are very important to have in emergency situations.

"The AEDs, the way they work now is so simple." They come with easy instructions on how to use them.

"It's going to tell you step by step what to do and it decides whether its going to shock you," said Jackson. "You can't mess it up."

Jackson said an AED device was vital when saving that man's life.

"And when something like that happens you don't much think about it. Somebody needs help and you kind of just do it."

This week, city officials in Fort Payne decided they need to make more life saving devices available. With that grant, the Fort Payne Police Department will be able to have two portable AED devices.