Alabama lawmakers respond to US Airstrikes in Syria

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Image: U.S. Department of Defense

Congressional members who represent the state of Alabama are weighing in on President Trump’s order of airstrikes on Syria. The statements released thus far are of overwhelming support.

U.S. Senator Luther Strange (R-AL)

U.S. Senator Luther Strange

“President Trump’s decision to engage in tactical airstrikes against the Syrian regime is the kind of decisive action required at this critical moment in the ongoing regional crisis.

“I applaud the swift action of our courageous U.S. military and encourage the President to make it clear that the Assad regime will continue to face swift and strong judgment for its atrocities. The Syrian people have suffered at the hands of a brutal dictator for too long.”


Congressman Bradley Byrne (R-AL)

Congressman Bradley Byrne

“President Trump was right to respond to Assad’s barbaric and inhumane actions against men, women, and children in Syria. It appears the strikes were targeted and successful, and I want to share my gratitude and appreciation with the service members  who planned and executed the strikes.

“Ultimately, we still must answer a larger question about the future of Syria and the role of the United States going forward. One thing is clear: Congress must be involved in those discussions and decisions about what happens next.”

WHNT News 19 is reaching out to other lawmakers from the state of Alabama for their thoughts on the airstrike. We’ll update this story as we receive those statements.