Theft ring broken up in northwest Alabama and southern Tennessee

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FLORENCE, Ala. - A two state investigation has broken up a major burglary case based in the Shoals.

Mounds of stolen merchandise sit in the evidence locker at the Lauderdale County Sheriffs Office. Thousands of dollars’ worth of items, taken from homes in Wayne and Lauderdale counties.

Wayne County Sheriff Ric Wilson

“These people have really been working us over, and the spirit of cooperation has really been wonderful,” explained Sheriff Ric Wilson of Wayne County Sheriffs Office.

A theft victim was able to recover an IP address from a stolen computer and give to investigators. Detectives were able to track the address to a home in Florence. With a search warrant in hand, they located numerous stolen items.

“It looked like they were stashing most of it at their house, almost like they were proud of them,” stated Det. James Bullock with the Lauderdale County Sheriffs Office. “Here’s all this cool stuff that we stole and it was still there months later.”

Detective Bullock said he was surprised to find out who was involved in the burglaries. He stated two women are the main suspects in a dozen burglaries.

Det. James Bullock, Lauderdale County Sheriffs Office

“Usually they play a subordinate role in the burglary or theft,” Bullock said. “They either drive the get-away car or they will take something to the pawn shop later after its been stolen, things like that.”

And Bullock is hoping the burglary victims can come forward and claim their items.

Both sheriff’s offices are waiting to charge the suspects until after all the items are claimed.

Contact the Lauderdale County Sheriffs Office if you were the victim of a burglary between mid-February and March 21st. The areas of concentration for burglaries in southern Wayne County and the corridor of Alabama 17. The Lauderdale County Sheriffs Office can be reached at (256) 760-5757.

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