Hollywood Police Department is installing a new data sharing system

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HOLLYWOOD, Ala. - COPsync is a portable archiving system adopted by Hollywood PD.

"When an officer answers a call somewhere and if something happens he can put in notes. Then if another officer answers a call there, then he can see what has happened," said Police Chief Jason Hepler.

They currently do not have anything similar to this system.

"When one shift currently stops working, the next shift comes in and they're unaware of what happened on the prior shift," said Chief Hepler.

They can communicate with officers in the same department, as well as officers in other agencies on the system.

"We can send them messages directly with the officer that's dealt with that person, rather than going through a whole big line of dealing with dispatchers and trying to get the officers phone number and getting in touch with them that way."

Not only will the new program make the station run more efficiently, but it will also keep officers safe.

"Without the system when we run the tag number, we're just going to get back their information," said Chief Hepler.

"But with all the agencies putting information in if they've had contact with somebody, we're going to get flagged right away and be better prepared to deal with the situation as it arises."

They hope to have the program up and running by next week.

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