41 Years and counting for Connie Stephens at Grissom High School

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala - What were you doing in 1976? Can't remember? Well this week's Tools For Teachers winner had just started at Grissom High School and is still there today.

Meet Connie Stephens. She has been holding court at Grissom High School in Huntsville for more than four decades.

Connie Stephens has been at Grissom High School since the middle 1970s.


"Miss Stephens came here in 1976 as a P.E. Teacher and she has been here ever since." said school officer manager Sharon Grubbs.

"I have estimated that she has taught probably 7,000 plus kids P.E. over the years."

And during that time, Mrs. Stephens has also become known for something else.

"She keeps us laughing, she keeps humor in the whole process and we just love her." Grubbs exclaimed.

"I'm overwhelmed. I never expected this to be honest with you." said Stephens when awarded with $319.

There's one student in particular Mrs. Stephens remembers that's near and dear to someone you may have heard of.

I have a good friend Jerry Hayes that works there I keep up with. His daughter cheered for me at one time."

WHNT News 19's Jerry Hayes daughter, Megan, cheered for Connie Stephens at Grissom.


We asked Mrs. Stephens in all her time at Grissom, what moment stood out the most.

"1996 my tennis team won their first and only championship, state championship. It`s been a whirlwind. It's gone by fast, but some days are really slow. But most of the time it has been a good experience. "

An educator, a role model, and now a Tools For Teachers Winner. Just another honor for this highly decorated teacher and coach.

Thank you Connie Stephens for everything you've done.

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