Surveillance video shows deadly crash at Pulaski Pike & Mastin Lake Road

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. - WHNT News 19 is learning more about a deadly crash in Huntsville on Sunday night at the intersection of Mastin Lake Road and Pulaski Pike.

Surveillance video from a nearby gas station reveals the exact moments leading up to the deadly crash on Sunday. The background of the picture shows vehicles crashing.

However, the story doesn't begin at intersection of Mastin Lake and Pulaski.  Instead, it begins on Avondale Drive.

Police responded to a home in the 3600 block of Avondale after receiving a domestic violence call about 9:20 p.m. Police said the suspect, Hamilton Palmer, was reportedly making threats to the person at the residence. As officers pulled up, Palmer, 37, backed out and in the process ended up hitting a patrol car. Police say Palmer took off eastbound on Mastin Lake.

Police say Palmer accelerated and was several blocks ahead of the officers when he ran the red light at Mastin Lake and Pulaski Pike, hitting a truck traveling north on Pulaski and crashing into another car sitting in the westbound turn lane on Mastin Lake.  Palmer's car came to rest in the Walgreens parking lot where he was pronounced dead.

Three others were injured in the crash -- the driver and passenger in the truck, and the driver of the other car.  All three were taken to the hospital.

Friends of Palmer puzzled by incident

Palmer went by the name "Bo" and worked as a trainer at Planet Fitness in Madison. Many people said they were shocked by his death.  Christina Turner trained with him.

"I met Bo at Planet Fitness and Bo took me up under his wing and helped me work out and help me gain the confidence that I need in myself," said Turner.

Hamilton "Bo" Palmer

Turner didn't know much about Bo's personal life except he had a wife and children.  She says the news of his death has taken a toll on her.

"You've never not known Bo not to walk into Planet Fitness and say something positive to somebody," said Turner. "You can look on his Facebook page and see how many people he motivated.  Bo was a great guy."

For now, many people like Turner and Bo's Planet Fitness family are at a loss for words.

"His motto was lifting people lifting weights and that's what he did," Turner said.

Police say the three people injured in the crash on Sunday night are being treated for their injuries.  Some were seriously hurt.

The crash is still under investigation.

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