Security expert says look for out of the norm behaviors to spot Tad Cummins

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. –Tad Cummins could be anywhere with Elizabeth Thomas at this point. Authorities believe they are staying off the grid, and possibly not even in the vehicle first reported anymore. But, there are still things the public can look for to identify the two.

“That’s really what we’re looking for, is something out of the norm,” said Shane Hammett, Vice President of Cyber Operations for All Points LLC.

Hammett knows not everyone is trained to notice those things. He said for the public to identify someone like Tad Cummins, reading body posture is a big help.

“Not making eye contact is an example of those kinds of things, and so looking for those unique identifiers like that,” he explained.

He said being vigilant can be as easy as looking for unorthodox patters of behavior in the people around you.

“Never going to work and not seemingly having a disability, or erratic time of leaving the house may be another example of it,” he said.

Even if they are off the grid, Cummins could be posing with Thomas as anything. If they do make an appearance in public, a big tell for identifying individuals like them would be the absence of technology.

“You know not having that cell phone with you on a regular basis where the majority of the U.S. tends to have that on a regular basis,” said Hammett.

He thinks Cummins is very much aware of his surroundings.

“Identifying social media, looking for trends along those lines, looking at local news, is going to certainly be a pattern of his behavior,” said Hammett.

So, spotting anyone paying too much attention to things like that is another good indicator. Paying close attention to anyone around you is always helpful.

“I think that’s why it’s important for individuals to engage and have a conversation, and get to know their neighbors in that situation,” said Hammett.

He said if you know who your neighbors are, you’ll notice when something’s out of the norm, and that’s the key.

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