Rainsville City Council cuts the city’s biking trail

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RAINSVILLE, Ala. - Residents of the city added the walking and biking trail to the sports complex for community members. That all changed once city council had an audit from its insurance company.

"The insurance company wanted to go look at the bike trail to make sure it was up to their specifications," said Mayor Roger Lingerfelt.

They came back with a list of things that needed to be changed.

"It would have to be maintained with someone that controlled it everyday, walked it, made sure there were no limbs, if debris falls in the trail," said Mayor Lingerfelt. "That sort of thing to make sure it stays as safe as possible."

The trail's location also caused problems.

"Crossing the roads it created a problem there with the possibility of a person getting hit by a car."

City council felt like they only had one option.

"To put forth that effort it was going to cost the city extra money," said Mayor Lingerfelt. "Then along with it, it crossing so many roads and some paths it was taking, his recommendation was really to do away with it."

The city has removed the signs on the trail since it will no longer be in use.

"We are checking into the possibility of a nice walking trail somewhere around the sports complex. If we do it, we're going to try to design it where it does not cross the highway."

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