OBGYN Clinic closes suddenly, patients shocked

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. -- Patients of Dr. James Nix were stunned when his practice closed suddenly and they said it was without a heads up. "I know he's been practicing for 20 years, and for someone to really quit their job, especially a practice, and up and leave I have no clue why," former patient Lora Deckard-Smart said.

Several of Dr. Nix's former patients, including Lora Deckard-Smith, said no one was informed or given an explanation as to why his practice was closing. Deckard-Smith said it's been frustrating.

Dr. Nix ran an OBGYN Clinic and Sei Bella, an aesthetic medical center in Huntsville. Deckard-Smith said she found out about the closure on March 13th.

It wasn't until March 24th, the day WHNT News 19's Aaron Cantrell began following the story another clinic, Advanced OBGYN Huntsville, posted a status on Facebook informing people they had absorbed all of Dr. Nix's OBGYN patients.

In the post, Dr. Nix writes a note to his patients. He blames the closure on significant cuts in reimbursements by Blue Cross Blue Shield of Alabama. He said it has made it impossible for his practice to stay open.

Advanced OBGYN Huntsville told WHNT they are doing what they can to work with his former OBGYN patients.

A former patient of Sei Bella said she paid $400 for a procedure that Dr. Nix never performed. She said when she spoke to someone at Sei Bella before they closed, she was informed she would more than likely not get her money back.

If you would like more information on how to access your old records, or to read Dr. Nix's full letter to his former patients, visit Advanced OBGYN Huntsville's Facebook page.

Lora Deckard-Smart has since found a new doctor on her own.