Moon Lake Elementary holds a balloon release in honor of the Pattersons

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MENTONE, Ala. - Libby just celebrated her 8th birthday.

"Libby was easy going. She had fun no matter what she was doing," said her brother Ethan Burch.

Julia, about to be married.

"A young man like Clint. He loved them. He loved Libby like his own daughter," said her Uncle Tim Britton.

A mother and daughter taken too soon.

"I just got off school and I went to my room and I laid back on the couch and suddenly I was told there was a crash," said Ethan.

While the family dealt with Julia's crash, Elizabeth was missing.

"Until later that night, we didn't know where Elizabeth was. And then we found out that she had...yea...."

Through it all, only one thought came to mind.

"Just the longing question of why," said Ethan. "I feel like that's what went through everyone's head at the time."

He remembers vividly his last moments with his sister.

"We were watching YouTube on our TV and we were having a good time."

And that last task his mom asked him to do.

"The morning of it, she messaged me to make a grocery list. And I think that's what's part of the accident, she went to go get groceries."

Their family is taking it day by day.

"It's dumbfounding how many people are just ready to drop everything they're doing at that moment to help you."

If Ethan had one last time to speak to Julia and his little sister Libby, he'd want them to know, "We... you will not be forgotten. We will always remember you and we will all keep going on."

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