Bridgeport commemorates the 155th anniversary of the Siege of Bridgeport

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BRIDGEPORT, Ala. - The City of Bridgeport played a very important part in the Civil War.

"Bridgeport was a very strategic location during the war because of the railroad tracks coming through that went to Chattanooga and the river," explained Billy Watkins, an actor in the re-enactment.

These two resources were vital to supplying the armies during the war.

"Very early in the war, both the Confederacy and the Union realized the importance of this, so there were several struggles to take and re-take this area because of those two factors," said Watkins.

The first day of the Siege of Bridgeport event is for Jackson County students, teaching and showing them the many parts of the war and the era.

"We will have several stations set up. We will be talking about the war in general and the battles here," said Watkins.

"They'll actually be able to see an infantry demonstration and an artillery demonstration, as well as talking about the various flags."

They push the importance of history and knowing where you come from.

"Sadly, the Civil War is a part of US history and we need to know both the pros and the cons of it and the sacrifices the soldiers made for what they believe in."

The commemoration start again on Saturday at noon. The reenactment will begin at 2 p.m.

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