A virtual reality journey to Mars is in Huntsville — free to the public!

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. -- You may not be dressing up in astronaut gear anytime soon, but there’s still a way for you to see Mars for yourself!

All day Saturday, the Lockheed Martin Mars Experience Bus will be taking the public on an out-of-this-world ride. And this trip to the red planet requires no goggles, no headsets, just a big bus and your imagination.

The bus experience is part of the Generation Beyond campaign — encouraging today’s younger generations to explore further, and aspire for more.

“It’s a holistic program trying to make sure that the kids understand that we’re all about making sure that our future is set," explained Jim Rogers with Lockheed Martin Government Affairs. "And our future for this country and for around the world is really deep space, going to Mars, and beyond.”

This virtual reality experience replicates the landscape of Mars, and you just don’t see Mars out the window, you hear it, feel it, and are surrounded by it.

The bus will even rock with the landscape as a sandstorm rolls over the bus.

The experience is exciting, educational and encouraging.

“The sky is not the limit, and that’s the way these kids think," Rogers said. "And so we just gotta get them and continue to keep them motivated and all about STEM and being a part of the next generation that goes to space.”

The bus is traveling all around the country to bring this educational and extraterrestrial experience to children and adults.

The bus will be parked in front of the South Hall of the Von Braun Center on Saturday starting at 9 a.m. through 6 p.m. The experience is FREE to all ages!

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