Arab City Council approves frisbee golf, wants input on potential dog park

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ARAB, Ala. -- The Arab City Council approved a frisbee golf course for its City Park, and Council Members also want input on another possible addition.

Frisbee golf will be a reality at Arab City Park with the recent approval from the Arab City Council. "It'll go along the back side, around where the pond is, where there are some trees, because you need some hazards in the course. It can't just be out in the open," Mayor Bob Joslin explained.

He adds the addition will cost $10,000. "I think that it will be a big benefit for not only people in the city as far as all age groups, but for maybe the youth groups at different churches," Joslin said, "They can organize some different teams and have competitions. I think that we'll get a big payback on the relatively small investment that we put in."

Council members are open to another addition - a dog park. "If we can get people interested and maybe contribute in some money, we'll allow to put that over at the park," Joslin said, "We've got a spot that would work perfect for that and we just want to get some input back from the public to see if they're really interested in making that happen."

City Council members want to hear from people on whether they want the dog park addition or not. The city's residents are encouraged to call the Mayor's office or their Council member and voice their opinion.

Work will start on the frisbee golf course in the next month.