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Spring weather returns just in time for the equinox

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Living in the Tennessee Valley, nothing says spring is on the way like rapidly changing weather. Snow one Saturday, than temperatures near 70 the next? Yep, it’s almost springtime!

Luckily, we get temperatures near 70 this Saturday instead of the snow! After a little bit of rain Saturday morning, quiet and mild weather settles in for our weekend. You still might want to protect particularly sensitive plants Saturday night as temperatures dip into the 30s one last time before the official start of spring.

Otherwise, temperatures will warm up nicely to kick off the new season! Temperatures for the spring equinox Monday morning will be in the low 40s, which is right around average. Then the warm up really gets underway with highs Monday and Tuesday in the 70s.

The first full week of spring looks pretty normal, if you consider the fact that big swings in our weather are normal for this time of year! The average high temperature next week is close to 66, but it’s actually ‘normal’ to see temperatures up to 10 degrees cooler or warmer than the average of 66. It’s common to see temperatures jump from above to below average often during the spring season, which is exactly what we’ll do next week. Temperatures will warm up into the mid 70s, then drop back into the low 60s, then warm up again into the 70s, all in a span of 5-7 days!

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