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Bridgeport Middle School celebrated National Pi Day

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BRIDGEPORT, Ala. - What do you know about National Pi Day?

"Pi is the 16th letter in the Greek Alpha bet."

"In Europe, it's celebrated on June 22nd."

"Instead of March 14th. Represented as a fraction it's 22 over 7."

But ultimately it is "a ratio between the circumference of a circle and its diameter. It's an irrational number that will round to 3.14", explained Jennifer Johnson, a math teacher at Bridgeport.

Which happens to be today's date!  Bridgeport students filled their day with pi activities in honor of the everyday use of the symbol.

"If you have a circular floor or table-cloth or a swimming pool or anything like that, someone has to determine the area of concrete that goes around the pool. The volume of water that would go in a swimming pool," said Johnson.

From pi math equations to history facts to using robotics in relations to pi to even a pie eating contest; the students left school today knowing almost everything there is to know about pi.

"They learn best when they can relate learning to something fun."

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