Tuscumbia court offers amnesty for outstanding cases

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TUSCUMBIA, Ala. - If you have a warrant for your arrest through the Tuscumbia City Court, you are getting a reprieve.

There are hundreds of files which have sat dormant inside the court clerk’s office in Tuscumbia for years. They represent everything from traffic violations to assaults. Each one of the folders contains an arrest warrant which has yet to be served.

“It’s been several years since the warrants have been on the books. They’ve moved away, they’ve relocated to other places. They’ve forgotten; the addresses we try to serve the warrants on are not effective. We can’t find ways to run them down,” Tuscumbia Police Chief Tony Logan said.

So for two weeks, hundreds of people are being given a chance to make things right. An amnesty period is underway, where anyone with an old case can come in and make arrangements to pay fines or see the judge.

Chief Logan said there are no strings attached. But if you don’t take this opportunity, you could be getting a visit.

“At the end of the amnesty period, we have a warrant detail that’s planned. We are going to be serving warrants actively for several weeks,” Logan explained.

The city just wants these cases cleared up, so everyone can move on. If you have an old case in Tuscumbia City Court that’s unsettled, contact the court clerk’s office before March 24.

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