Rain changes to snow for some late Saturday night

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. - It is hard to believe that after virtually no threats of winter weather in January or February, some snow is pretty likely over the weekend.

We think the best chance for any snow to actually stick to the ground will be across southern Tennessee. Communities along the U.S. Highway 64 corridor (Waynesboro, Lawrenceburg, Pulaski, Fayetteville, Winchester) might see over one inch of snow. The National Weather Service has included these areas in a winter weather advisory valid from 6 p.m. Saturday through 7 a.m. Sunday.

A period of snow is possible as far south as the Tennessee River, but there are several factors which would act to limit any accumulation in north Alabama.

What to expect

A changeover from rain to snow late Saturday night may result in some accumulation, especially in Tennessee (Image: WHNT News 19)

A strong area of high pressure located over northern Minnesota is helping supply much of the Mississippi River Valley, Ohio River Valley and Tennessee River Valley with much cooler air.

At the same time, an area of low pressure dropping southeast through the Great Plains and a weak wave over south Texas will come together to provide moisture for a lot of rain and some snow across the Southeast this weekend.

After a clear, cold night Friday night, clouds will begin moving back in during the day Saturday with rain expected to develop during the day.

Saturday will be a cool day; highs across southern Tennessee may hover in the middle to upper 40s all day while adjacent parts of north Alabama may struggle to get above 50 degrees.

While moisture moves in from the southwest, colder air will be spreading in from the north. This may prompt a changeover from rain to snow across southern Tennessee between 10 p.m. Saturday and midnight Sunday. The cold air (cold enough for snow) will try to keep moving south, but may hang up around U.S. Highway 72 or the Tennessee River.

Communities near and along U.S. Highway 278 should not expect much (if any) snow at all. Only a cold rain is expected in these areas.

Will it add up?

Snow forecasts are never easy, and they are almost never a guarantee.

With every chance of snow, someone always ends up disappointed while someone else gets a nice surprise.

It is important to have realistic expectations, even if you really hope for a major snowstorm - that is not happening this time.

Even in the areas in the map at the top of the page that are included in the .5 - 1.5" area, it is certainly possible that a few neighborhoods still get missed altogether.

Also understand that it is totally possible for there to be absolutely no snow at all in north Alabama.

We do feel confident that there will be some snow across southern Tennessee and communities in Alabama that are near the state line. But there has never been a snow event where everyone got the same amount - that is just how this works.

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