Joseph’s Wish

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MADISON COUNTY, Ala. -  The Alabama chapter of the Make-A-Wish Foundation, was in Madison County today granting a very special wish for a very special young man.

Joseph was diagnosed with a life-threatening condition at just 12-years-old. He is now 16-years-old and thanks to some amazing people, he has the means to create whatever he can imagine.

 "So today we are gathered at Joseph's house. He's a Wish Kid. He's 16-years-old. He was diagnosed with a gastrointestinal life-threatening condition when he was 12, and his wish was to have a maker's room," said Julianna Hallman of Make-A-Wish Alabama.

And today, that wish came true. Joseph's maker's space is actually a storage shed that's been professionally wired, insulated and outfitted with the equipment Joseph will need to make things.

"A maker's space is an area where you can go to, whenever you want to just build something," explained Joseph.

Joseph has the gift of understanding most things technical. He plans to experiment with some robotics and other projects. "Just whatever I feel like doing at the moment."

Joseph's Wish came true, thanks to the generosity of one of the Sunday school classes at Whitesburg Baptist Church. "It's really a thrill when you see somebody receive something that appreciates it and can make a difference in their entire life," said Carey Green.

Did we mention Joseph is technically gifted? Before Al Whitaker had left his maker's space this evening, Joseph had unboxed, assembled, programmed and was testing his new 3D printer. Thanks to this wish coming true, he's limited only by his imagination.

Make-A-Wish Alabama is headquartered in Birmingham. They have granted the wishes of some 500 children since their founding in 2012.

They currently have 300 children and their wishes on their waiting list.

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