Jackson County Commission is in support of ATRIP-2

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JACKSON COUNTY, Ala. - ATRIP-2 is a bond payment plan to provide extra money for road projects.

"Three cent gas tax will be put into place to cover this bond payment."

Once that bond is paid off, "That three cent gas tax falls off. So it does have a sunset once that bond is paid off," said Commissioner Matthew Hodges.

Jackson County is projected to receive $15 million dollars for paving.

"We probably spend $200,000 - $300,000 dollars a year maybe in paving ourselves in Jackson County and then another $100,000 in federal projects," said Commissioner Hodges.

So this extra money would really be huge help for entities like Jackson County.

"We could use these on any projects we need within the county, whether it be bridges, roads that are not federal routes, federal route roads, whatever we need to we could use these dollars towards that."

With Jackson County having nearly 1100 miles of roadway, "This at best we could probably get about a quarter of our roadways," explained Commissioner Hodges.

Unfortunately, ATRIP-2 is a one time thing and once that money is spent, there will be no new dollars after that.

"So it doesn't totally fix the issue but it takes a huge step forward from where we're at right now."

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