HEMSI explains how paramedics handle crowded scenes

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. - In the past 24 hours HEMSI personnel have been called out to chaotic scenes with a crowd of people.

First it was the shooting at Citgo. And then on Cotton Row where a baby died Friday morning.

We wanted to know how officials deal with these types of situations.

"To look for scene safety that's the first thing that we do. I mean, we're going to protect ourselves because we can't do any good if the paramedics that are responding get hurt," said HEMSI spokesperson Don Webster.

In some situations HEMSI will call for back up to secure a scene.

"The thing that you have to remember is that we're not law enforcement. We're here to take care of the sick and the injured," said Webster.

He said he understands people want to speak with paramedics during these types of situations, but sometimes it's best to let them work.

"​They want to talk to the patient to get the information. They are evaluating their level of consciousness, their level of awareness, those types of things. They can get a lot communicating with the people," said Webster.

He said paramedics aren't trying to be rude if they ignore those around them, they are just trying to save lives.

HEMSI recommends having a list of medications and identification for a patient. It helps the paramedics when taking someone to the hospital.

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