Family escapes with no injuries after a tree falls into their bedroom

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – Heavy storms came through Huntsville Thursday night causing a tree to uproot and fall onto the Treehaven Glenn Apartments. The tree fell right into the Verkuyl's bedroom while they were sleeping.

Glen Verkuyl said he heard a loud boom, like bomb going off when the tree came crashing in. "I woke up and saw the tree was through my ceiling, I hurried up and got my three-year-old and my wife out of the room," Verkuyl said.

He said the American Red Cross has helped a lot by giving them money for food and for a hotel. "Other people who had leaks last night got a card last night from the American Red Cross to go rent a room," Verkuyl said.

He said most people were able to return back home Friday, but the Verkuyl's can't just yet. Treehaven Glenn apartments said they are currently working to put the Verkuyl's and another family into a new apartment. They have hired a company to come remove the tree.

A spokesperson for the apartments said they have also hired movers to help the Verkuyl's move into their new place on Sunday.

Glen Verkuyl said the entire situation is unfortunate, but help has always been close by. "I'm just thankful that all of us are alive. I thank God for that and thank God we still have everything we started with."


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