Paralyzed cyclist wants others to take their safety seriously

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MADISON COUNTY, Ala. – A truck hit Jennifer Smith and her friend three years ago when the two were out riding bikes at Redstone Arsenal. The wreck left Smith partially paralyzed. She was in the hospital for three months.

Smith said they were doing all the right things at the time of the incident. "We had our helmets on, we had our reflective vests on, and we had our lights on."

Even with Smith equipped with what she calls 'all the right things' she was still hit. It's something she doesn't want to happen to anyone else, so it bothers her to see bicyclists not taking their safety seriously. "I was driving on Research Park and I saw a bicyclist in the left lane, wearing black clothing and no helmet with no lights," Smith said.

She said bicyclists and runners have to take care of themselves to avoid being hit. She said drivers should also do their part and pay attention to their surroundings. "It`s so important to share the road, because we are going to be out there."

She urges bicyclists and runners to wear helmets, lights, or anything to make sure you are seen if you decide to go for a ride.