The ‘Better Brella’ makes for a better rainy day

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We all know the burden of getting from place to place in the rain. And sure, there are umbrellas, but even those can be finicky and hard to handle at times. So, what if a *better umbrella* could change that?

The Better Brella is like a traditional umbrella, except it’s turned upside down and inside out.

This makes it easier to use, and especially more practical for getting in and out of your car in the rain.

The Better Brella forms a waterproof cone when it's closed, so it contains all the water and won’t leak onto your floors or in your car. Its open-close technology creates two layers of material, for double the durability.

And compared to other umbrellas, the Better Brella stays steady in windy conditions.

For how popular these umbrellas have become, we're surprised it was so hard to find a store that sold them. We could only find the Better Brella at Walmart and Academy Sports, for about $20. You can get a double offer if you buy them online.

The Deal or Dud verdict: Deal!