Mrs. Amy Cotten in Ardmore really makes a difference in her kids’ lives

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LIMESTONE COUNTY, Ala. - There are some happy folks at Cedar Hill Elementary in Ardmore. Amy Cotten teaches third grade there and won our Tools For Teachers Award!


Amy Cotten is $319 richer!

Principal Glen Garner says Cotten fits the criteria of an outstanding teacher to a "T."

"The first one here and the last one to leave. She does a great job. She works to unlock the potential in each student."

"We have a guiding principle at Limestone County Schools that we do best for kids," said Mr. Garner. "Mrs. Cotten is the perfect example of that principle. Constantly planning, differentiating instruction for her children. Meeting the needs for her individual students. Small group instruction. Not only that but she goes above and beyond."

We really did surprise her when the principal handed her $319 in cash. "I am so honored!" said an emotional Mrs. Cotten. "WOW! I am so thankful! Thank you so much!"


Amy Cotten and Ben Smith are all smiles. Mrs. Cotten teaches third grade and won $319!

"I am crying.  I shouldn't be crying on TV! It's a pleasure to work with these kids and I just try to make a difference everyday in their lives as much as I can."

We shared part of the nomination with her:

"I think Mrs. Cotten should be the next winner because she goes above and beyond for her students. She also works to improve the learning skills of our children. She has a big heart for all her students."

"That is so wonderful. I feel very blessed for people to think that of me," said Cotten.

"My kids are wonderful. They come to school, they are ready to learn, they want to learn, I hope they go out and make a difference in the world when they grow up."

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