Heritage Church hosts drive thru Ash Wednesday

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MADISON, Ala. - March 1st marks a day of fasting, the first day of lent and 40 days before Easter--it's also known as Ash Wednesday.

Heritage Church in Madison is celebrating the Christian tradition by inviting the entire community to be a part of it.

Co-pastors Michael and Suzanne Katschke spent the morning of Ash Wednesday with others in mind.

Standing in front of their church, waiting for cars to drive in.

"For some people, it's a very emotional moment," said Michael Katschke.

Michael and Suzanne believe they were planted in Madison for a reason.

"We've had several people that have teared up and their needs and their prayer requests are very real and they're struggling with things and to have people stop and pray with them and lay hands on them and just confirm, ya know what, God's in charge," said Katschke.

Over 20 cars, with some having multiple people in them, pulled into Heritage Church and church member or not...all are welcomed.

"Sometimes people, they don't have anyone touch them in a kind way all day long," said Katschke. "We're here for them. We're not here just for us or so that we can feel good about ourselves or our religion or anything like that. God has placed us here for this community and we hope and plan to kinda work towards that as we're here."