Google Fiber plans to make community impact, starts with Boys and Girls Club

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. - When Google Fiber comes to Huntsville, the company won't just bring faster internet speeds. Google is putting a major focus on community impact. In fact, it's already started.

"Google Fiber has done a great job as it is with their short time being in the community, with partnering themselves with people who are very active in the community," said Reginald Lewis.

Seminole Boys and Girls Club is one such partner, with Google Fiber introducing a 'Girls With Code' computer program to them. Lewis is the club's Program Director. He said the girls loved it.

"A lot of them talk about fashion, they talk about different industries, and so it was like well here's an opportunity for you to also see the technical side of it," he explained.

He said technology is the way the world is going. So exposing kids, especially those with the Boys and Girls Club who don't typically have easy access to these types of resources, is incredibly important.

"It opens their eyes to a whole new industry, and hopefully another new job opportunity as well," he said.

Lewis said they would love to keep working with Google Fiber in the future, in an effort to allow their kids to stay engaged in these types of technology programs.

"Our hope is that you know, working with Google Fiber and other community impact leaders, that we do have those opportunities for our children to be consistently exposed," he said.

Google Fiber is expected to make its full arrival in Huntsville as early as this summer.


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