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High-tech manufacturing jobs are in high demand & the state wants to prepare its workforce

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LIMESTONE COUNTY, Ala. – Several Alabama officials traveled to the Tennessee Valley to speak out about the future of jobs here in the state and how important it is to get students prepared for the workforce.

"If our young people are not becoming interested and attracted to high-tech manufacturing that we have to offer here in the robotics facility, then it's all for naught," Senator Orr said.

Which is why the Robotic Technology Park held a career fair. The fair gave students the chance to tour the facility and meet potential employers.

Senator Orr is proud of the current work the Robotic Technology Park is doing. "It has become a jobs magnet, and that was always the vision, the vision to bring jobs and high-tech manufacturing here to not only the Tennessee Valley, but elsewhere around the state," Senator Orr said.

High tech jobs are coming to Alabama and Senator Holtzclaw said investing in the youth's education is where the state prepares its workforce. The career fair gave students a better understanding of some of the careers available to them.

"People are what changed the game and we in Alabama have got to get very serious, and very excited about training people and training people to be ready to go work in this high-tech industry," Board of Trustees member Blake McAnally said.

"I saw a Department of Labor study that showed 4,000 jobs a year will be added to this area between 2012 and 2022," Alabama Board of Education member Cynthia McCarty said.

High school senior Devin Woods already has a plan to go into a career involving robotics. "I'm interested in robotic maintenance and going through and finding out different problems of the machines and helping the assembly line," Woods said.

He wants to go off to a two-year college, earn a degree, and go straight into the workforce. Woods, along with 100 other students came out to the career fair. The point of the fair was to open their minds. It showed students there are other options outside of a four-year university and the demand for jobs in high-tech industries is high.

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