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GEO Huntsville hosts annual summit to talk about making Huntsville a safer community

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. - GEO Huntsville works with the city and other groups to make Huntsville a safer place. This includes, not only emergency responders, but those who need to know Huntsville geo-spatially.

On Monday, the non-profit held an annual summit to engage others in the group's mission.

"We really want to make Huntsville that example city throughout America," said Executive Director, Jorge Garcia.

It's all about making sure emergency responders are prepared.

"When they come up to a situation, let's say a tornado has rolled through the area, that they have the resources that they need from the geo-spatial perspective as real time as possible to understand where things were because they may no longer be there," said Garcia. "As they move into a situation whether its a neighborhood or a section of the city."

GEO Huntsville works hand in hand with Energy and Cyber Huntsville--all non-profits working to make the city a model for others.

"All those pieces together, hopefully we can position Huntsville as an example city for other cities in America to basically look our way and say 'Hey this is what they're doing, let's try it here also,'" said Garcia.

"So we're doing some proactive outreach with some other municipalities throughout America."