Rocket City WeatherFest wants you to be prepared

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. --It's the perfect way to cap off Severe Weather Awareness week. Bring everyone in the weather community together, and any questions you might have can be answered.

There's only two words you need to take away from the Rocket City Weatherfest. Be prepared.

"The best way to live through a severe weather event is to be prepared ahead of time," said WeatherFest co-chair Jacquelyn Ringhausen.

She said it's a great opportunity for the public to become even more weather aware, because everything you need to know is in one place.

"If you come to WeatherFest you can learn about having a weather prepared kit. And if you're unsure about what to do with severe weather you have a bunch of experts here you can ask and get the answer from," said Ringhausen.

One of those experts is National Weather Service Huntsville Meteorologist Chelly Amin. Amin also stresses that preparedness is key.

"If you have a warning issued for your location, it's too late to make a plan. So to come to one of these go ahead and get the ball rolling, start talking with your family and friends, have a safe place to go, when weather like this rolls through," she explained.

She said here in Alabama hurricanes and severe flooding aren't typical occurrences, but that doesn't mean it can't affect you. You could be at the beach with your family when a hurricane strikes.

"Just because you're not totally familiar with something doesn't mean you should write it off. You always need to be prepared so that when it happens you have a plan in place and you know where to go, and it could potentially save your life," said Amin.

She adds that if you ever have any questions about weather don't hesitate to reach out, that's what they're here for. It's a good practice to stay weather aware.


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