Conversation around Senate Bill 24 continues

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. - If Senate Bill 24 passed, those who currently have the ability to conceal carry with a permit wouldn't need one.

65 of 67 sheriff's in the Alabama Sheriff's Association think that's a bad idea. But others think it's the way the constitution was meant to be interpreted.

"It will not stop criminals from having guns. It will not. They are still going to engage in their criminal activities. However, this law will greatly stop our effort for proactive activity with regards to gun violence in our community," said Capt. Michael Salomonsky.

Capt. Salomonsky said the Madison County Sheriff's Office stance on the bill is not intended to infringe on the right of the people.

Some gun owners like Kyle Terrill believe requiring a permit to conceal carry goes against the second amendment right.

"We can't dictate the laws on what criminals might do," said Terrill.

Madison County Sheriff Blake Dorning said the permit sets those who can legally carry apart from those who can't.

"Because they live their life in the way that we as American's have chosen. That they can move about freely. That they've never brought harm to anyone else. That they are good honest hard-working people. That's an identifier to them," said Sheriff Dorning.

But Terrill thinks law-abiding citizens already should have the right without a piece of plastic. He thinks if the law changes many will still get permits to go out-of-state.

He also believes those permits should cost the same no matter where you live.

"If we do have permits. Then the permits should cost the same. And in our opinion, look the same. Because each county as of right now is totally different," said Terrill.

It currently costs $10 for a permit in Madison County. If you live in Limestone County it's $15. Morgan County is $20 and Dekalb is $25.

Join the conversation on WHNT News 19's Facebook page. We'd like to know what you think about Senate Bill 24 and the difference in permit prices county-by-county.

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