Single mom’s post on tax return money goes viral

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GAFFNEY, S.C. – A single mom’s Facebook post about her tax return check is getting a lot of attention. 24 hours after the original post, it has been shared more than 80,000 times.

Christina Knaack posted:

I got back $5600 on my taxes. Instead of buying my kids the latest Jordans or fancy electronics I paid my rent for the YEAR. I’m a single mom and I do it all buy myself on a minimum wage job. I kno that a roof over my kids head is what’s important. My kids don’t want for anything because my priorities are straight. And this also means I will have that extra 450 a month to do things with my kids.

She says she has gotten inundated with messages and comments about her post. Knaack described them as “some of the most hateful comments and some very inspiring comments.”

She goes on to say she is now three years clean and hopes her story can help other recovering addicts see that “life off the streets is possible.” She also wants single moms to know it is possible to survive on their own.

“As long as my post has inspired people I’m happy with that,” Knaack closes.