Power Project: Leaks in duct work can cost homeowners big

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. - Duct repairs. It's not something you necessarily think of when homeowners are looking at the energy efficiency of your home. But maybe they should.

"People don't realize that their duct work that's either running in their attic or through  their crawl space might not be connected as well as it should be," explains Ruchi Singhal, CEO Founder of Nexus Energy Center.

Connection points can have a lot of leakage. Those leaks need to be covered with proper mastic tape to seal the junction points better. "If you don't seal up your duct work right you could be breathing in crawl space air into your home, or losing a lot of your own heated and cooled air from your house into your crawl space. And neither one of those is a good situation," says Singhal.

Singhal point out, homeowners can have a "Duct Blaster" test done on their duct work to expose the exact location of the leaks.