Lawrence County Sheriff’s Office holds drug roundup after several long term investigations

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LAWRENCE COUNTY, Ala. – Sheriff Gene Mitchell has announced a indictment and arrest of several dozen people people this morning as a result of several long-term drug investigations.

Thirty-seven people have been indicted by a grand jury, 12 are wanted on felony warrants, and 49 others are wanted by agents with the Drug Task Force for felony warrants involving drug activity. The investigations ranged from possession to distribution of drugs.

Mitchell says agents have been investigating people they believe to be involved in different drug organizations. They gathered evidence showing people purchased or transported illegal narcotics in the county.

Sheriff Mitchell acknowledged the amount of time consumed by such investigations, but noted the importance of going after the entire narcotics operation.

One of the people involved in the investigation is also charged with human trafficking. That investigation was the result of a prostitution sting in November in which agents learned one of the arrested females was actually being forced to conduct the sex acts. Investigators say the female was forced to turn over her money earned by the act to the suspect. They also say the suspect would physically assault or threaten to assault the female if she refused the sex act.

WHNT News 19 was present for the arrest roundup this morning. We’ll bring you more on the investigation and arrests this evening on WHNT News 19.