EXCLUSIVE: Mattress Max Owner reacts to arrest of person police believe is connected to arson, stolen vehicles

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. - Huntsville Police are questioning a person they believe is connected to the Mattress Max Fire investigators ruled arson earlier this month.

They arrested the man after a late night incident led police to two stolen vehicles on Thursday. WHNT News 19 spoke exclusively with Bob Lanier, owner of Mattress Max, after news of the arrest broke.

"I'm tickled pink," Lanier said. "I'm just glad they caught him finally."

Lanier feels much better after hearing the news that Huntsville Police located two stolen vehicles on Wednesday night.

"They called Cowboy and of course Cowboy was tickled they returned his two cars," Lanier said.

Cowboy, whose real name is Curtis Jones, owns Cowboys Wholesale and the property where Mattress Max sat for 21 years before someone set it on fire on Saturday, February 11. Police say the stolen vehicles they found came from the lot at Cowboys Wholesale. Officers called the incident at Mattress Max arson and said the Mattress Max fire and the stolen vehicles are connected to the same culprits.

Officers arrested the person driving the red Impala they found on Wednesday night following a short chase that ended at the dead end of Craft Avenue. Huntsville Police say those involved retrieved the stolen vehicles' keys from a key box inside the mattress store.

"I'm glad, now they won't, hopefully, be able to do it to anyone else because it's a long drawn out process of rebuilding everything," Lanier said.

While police continue searching for those involved, Lanier is looking to the days ahead when he restarts the business he built up for more than two decades.

"I'll be in business with a limited supply of mattresses next week," Lanier said.