A Fort Payne native opens DeKalb MD, providing an affordable healthcare option for those in the area

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DEKALB COUNTY, Ala. - "It's a movement across all the states. Right now we actually do have a bill in the senate that's trying to make this more available for physicians to open up direct primary care."

DeKalb MD opened six months ago in Fort Payne, and they already have 200 patients. They provide primary care services through a paid contracted program.

"Doctors weren't happy. Patients weren't happy, insurance, no one was happy. So we wanted to go back to more of a natural doctors working directly for patients," said the owner, Dr. Chad Williamson.

Patients have unlimited visits and can contact the physician at any time.

"They're able to get wholesale meds and wholesale labs and they like it and we like it without having to deal with insurance," said Dr. Williamson.

It was important to bring this practice to an area where many hard-working people may not be able to afford the care they need.

"We have a high population of uninsured. High population of Medicare, Medicaid. So we wanted to come to an area that still needed a lot of primary care and family medicine."

As an added bonus, patients also have access to a gym. DeKalb MD says they're also focused on healthy living, because it can prevent several illnesses.