Report: Former Auburn head coach Tommy Tuberville could run for governor in 2018

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Tommy Tuberville

MONTGOMERY, Ala. – Tommy Tuberville could soon move from the sidelines to the statehouse. The former Auburn head coach is considering running for Alabama governor in 2018.

CBS Sports first reported the potential political move on Tuesday.

“I think Tommy would stand a slugger’s chance of getting elected,” Steve French, a former political consultant in Alabam, told CBS Sports’ Dennis Dodd.

A phone poll of about 50,000 people is currently being conducted across the state. This will reportedly determine whether Tuberville runs. He is expected to make a final decision within the next week of two.

Tuberville stepped down from his latest head coaching gig in December after four years at the University of Cincinnati. He coached the Tigers from 1999-2008.

The 62-year-old Arkansas native has no political experience. If the results of the phone survey are favorable, Tuberville could begin the process to be on the ballot for the Republican primary in June 2018.

The election to replace current governor, Robert Bentley, will be held on November 6, 2018, about two weeks before that year’s Iron Bowl.

“Not real sure if the state of Alabama can have those events colliding in one month,” Terry Lathan, the chairman of the Alabama Republican Party told CBS Sports. “We’re pretty tough folks here; we been through a Civil War and some other things, but that one is a tough one.”