Discovery Middle School makes positive atmosphere “stick” during Random Acts of Kindness Week

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MADISON, Ala. - Students involved in Discovery Middle School's Kindness Society spent a portion of Wednesday morning writing positive, inspiring messages on sticky notes to place on their classmates' lockers. This is one of the activities the society is organizing during Random Acts of Kindness Week.

Seventh grader Elizabeth Robertson is one of the students whose kindness shines from the inside out.

"When people are happy, they do things, like good things," Robertson said of the group's motives. "We try to be nice to everybody. We try to cheer up people if they're having a really bad day. We just brainstorm a lot of ideas and try to do them."

The Kindness Society is led by teacher Laura Collins.

"My goal for them is just to make somebody happy, make somebody feel good about themselves," Collins said.

While the students are concentrating on spreading love this week, this is also their mission year round.

"It's part of our anti-bullying initiative because we believe that if you're being kind, there's no room for bullying," Collins said.

Throughout the week, the students in the society are making goals for how many people they say 'good morning' to and offer a compliment to. They are also writing notes of thanks to their teachers and parents.