Comcast cable announces gigabit internet service for Huntsville residents, businesses

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. - Comcast has announced gigabit internet service that will be available to Huntsville residents and businesses within the year.

City of Huntsville Business Relations Officer Harrison Diamond said "One of the biggest obstacles to growth that we heard from our citizens as well as our businesses is lack of access to affordable broadband."

Diamond said with the gigabit service you can download movies in a minute, or songs in seconds. But it will also be a big help to those who work from home, or like one device to control everything.

"The whole concept of being able to generate stay at home employees, connected houses, connected devices, we think that's the real impact that the gig will have," he explained.

Diamond said what makes this announcement different from some of the others is that it won't require any construction or digging on your property.

"It's really a change in gear inside your house, so as opposed to them having to run a new wire to you you'll simply just have to get a new piece of gear from Comcast," he said.

The company plans to use existing wiring to deliver the "super-fast speeds." Customers will need to install a new DOCSIS 3.1 compatible cable modem that's capable of delivering gigabit speeds.

With a 1 gigabit connection, residential customers can:

  • Download a 5 Gigabyte HD movie in 40 seconds;
  • Download a 600 Megabyte TV episode in four seconds;
  • Download a 150 Megabyte music album in two seconds; and
  • Download a 15 Gigabyte video game in two minutes.

For business customers, the new 1 gig service will complement gigabit and multi-gigabit options Comcast already offers in Huntsville, including Comcast Business Ethernet, which the company has been expanding nationally since 2011.  Those services can support speeds of 100 gigabits per second over fiber.

“We know that high-speed internet is the infrastructure of the future, and it is absolutely necessary for communities to remain competitive for economic development and attractive to people looking to move to Huntsville,” said Huntsville Mayor Tommy Battle. “We appreciate Comcast’s efforts to bring gigabit-speed Internet service to Huntsville, and look forward to the benefit that this technology will deliver to our residents and businesses.”

“This launch reflects Comcast’s ongoing commitment to offering the fastest speeds to the most homes and businesses in Huntsville,” said Comcast Regional SVP Doug Guthrie.  “Soon, customers will leverage a new gigabit internet service that will deliver a truly unparalleled online experience.”

Comcast is currently selling DOCSIS 3.1 residential and business services in Atlanta, Nashville, Chicago and Detroit.





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