Work could begin on Ditto Landing master plan this spring

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. -- The highly anticipated master plan at Ditto Landing is starting to come together. Though the entire plan will be done in phases over the next five or six years, officials say you'll start to see construction as early as this year.

Ditto Landing Executive Director Brandi Quick said the county has offered to help them take the first steps in their master plan.

"We hope to start late Spring, and have the county in with a lot of their large equipment and start building these lakes you see on our master plan," she said.

The county will also work on improving the entry way, and creating a two-lane boulevard. Quick said despite the construction, they've phased it so that parts of Ditto Landing can remain open.

"We have a lot of open space and we're taking advantage of that. So we've really been conscious of phasing the project. We thought we were going to have to close down camping, but we're not going to have to do that," said Quick.

She said they really want people to see Ditto Landing as a destination for outdoor recreation.

"It's not just for boaters anymore. We have boaters but we also have our campsites, and we have trails that are good for biking, walking, running," she explained.

Quick said she's looking forward to seeing the master plan come together into something that can add to Madison County.

"I think Ditto Landing has been kept a quiet secret, and if we get people down here they'll realize what an amazing place it is, and that will further fuel other events that will come into play," she added.

The Ditto Landing master plan is a part of Big Picture Huntsville, which is the name the city has given its long-term plan for growth and development.