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Senator Bill Holtzclaw hosts weekly “Coffee and Conversation” to engage with community

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MADISON, Ala. - Alabama lawmakers return to Montgomery on Tuesday for the current legislative session. But, before Senator Bill Holtzclaw heads there, he spent some time with some of the people he represents.

Senator Holtzclaw wants to hear from the people he represents through gatherings he calls "Coffee and Conversation."

"I want to represent the people exactly how I would want to be represented," Holtzclaw said of his face-to-face approach of these meetings.

On Monday mornings during regular session, you'll find Holtzclaw in a booth at Little Libby's Catfish in Madison where he will be talking to community members to hear their interests and concerns, and offering them an update about what is happening in Montgomery.

"There's some contentious issues that are out there and I think the open dialogue, the open discussion, we may not always agree on things but at least we can understand where each other is coming from," Sen. Holtzclaw said.

Holtzclaw added it's important for everyone to do their own research as well.

"I'm encouraging them to actually read the legislation," Holtzclaw said. "Then, respond back to me. You know, fundamentally they may not be able to support any of it, but they may be able to support portions of it, and can help us make a bill better that they can be more in support of. Or, I can at least explain to them what that piece of legislation means and does so we can have that open dialogue."

Between community chats over coffee and trips to Montgomery, Senator Holtzclaw stays busy serving those who elected him.

"I've been approached by the Department of Defense at the federal level to help address some of Alabama's laws regarding military, our veterans and our families," Holtzclaw said. "There's a couple pieces of legislation that are going to help make Alabama as a whole a little bit stronger with regards to BRACs. There's a BRAC on the horizon, we aren't able to put a time line on it."

Senator Holtzclaw will host "Coffee and Conversation" each Monday morning of the 2017 regular session. The mornings begin with a "Meet and Greet" at 6:00 a.m. until 6:15 a.m. then a discussion of state business from 6:15 a.m. until 7:00 a.m. Senator Holtzclaw also distributes information from his blog,