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Pinterest Lens uses your camera to offer inspiration and ideas

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(Image Credit: Pinterest)

Pinterest is already widely known as a visual social network; a resource for inspiration in DIY, home decor, design, fashion and food.

Now the company is branching out with a tool called Pinterest Lens. It lets people discover products and ideas related to whatever their camera has in focus.

“So many times you see things and you just can’t come up with the words for it, but you know it when you see it, and that’s the idea behind Pinterest Lens,” Pinterest co-founder Ben Silbermann said on CBS This Morning. “Anything you see can be a jumping off point to find new ideas.”

According to the social network, Pinterest Lens (still in BETA) is all about helping you find creative inspiration based on things you see in the real world.

The company suggests “pointing it at an ingredient to discover recipes to try, or use it on a pair of shoes to see similar styles, along with ideas for what to wear them with.” You can use Lens to capture objects you see in person, or do a search with an image from your camera roll.

Ready to give it a try? Here are the steps to get started on a mobile device…

  1. Click the search bar in the Explore tab

  2. Click the red camera next to the Search bar

  3. Tap the circle to capture an object

  4. Scroll to see the results related to the object