Alabama’s new Attorney General sworn in, shares priorities for new office

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MONTGOMERY, Ala. - The state's new Attorney General, Steve Marshall took the oath of office this morning, then addressed the media about his plans for the office.

Marshall spent a good amount of time thanking his friends and family for their support. He even joked with his wife that he wouldn't have her Valentine's Day present ready in time for the holiday.

After some heartfelt thanks, he turned to business; sharing his focus for the time he's to serve the state as the Attorney General.


Marshall addressed a number of things, ethics enforcement, opioid use/addiction and human trafficking. He also addressed the idea of any impropriety that may be perceived as it relates to an investigation into Governor Robert Bentley.

Marshall understands there were complaints that the previous AG was criticized for recusing himself from too many cases. He plans to limit that from happening in the future.

That being said, an investigation into Bentley would, in Marshall's opinion, would require a recusal. "That's not necessarily a decision I will make easily, only because, the prosecutors in this room know that we prosecute hard cases," said Marshall. He went on to say, "But I also understand the circumstances of this appointment. It is such that the people could believe that I could not be fair. And if that's the case, then it's my obligation to recuse; and I will."

Another issue Marshall address: Officer involved shootings. Specifically, the release of video in the event of a shooting.

Marshall says the release of video all depends on the investigation.

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