Jackson County Commission reviews a county park expansion proposal

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JACKSON COUNTY, Ala. - A citizen of Jackson County proposed the idea of a bait shop and snack bar in the Jackson County Park. This will give those using the park a quick way to grab fishing items, quick food items, and even provide rentals for boats and jet skis.

"We've been working with this individual out of that area to allow for customers to come in. The county has received a little bit off of rent, but the focus really was to have something out there and get something established out there," says Commission Chair Matthew Hodges.

Expanding the park in this way will make the tourist destination more appealing for those using the park.

"Fishing is a huge deal in Jackson County, of course County Park being right there where it is, allows for folks to get out there and go fishing from that location," says Commissioner Hodges. "So we want that to continue to be a place where folks will come to do that."

The commission plans to bring the proposal into next week's work session.

"Right now it's just reviewing the proposal. Maybe some negotiation to the proposal and things like that may happen in a commission work session. Could be as early as next week, may not be until next month."

These additions and expansions to the park will hopefully bring in some extra revenue for the county. They plan to review the expansion in a work session sometime this month.